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 The South Arkansas District Church of the Nazarene is a family of 47 churches–large, small, urban, country, multicultural–but maintaining the family feeling that comes from sharing the same Father.

The mission statement of the Church of the Nazarene is also our mission:

 “To Make Christ-like Disciples in the Nations.”

To be Christian is to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus in everyday life. We are committed to becoming and making Christ-like followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many of our churches are Good Samaritan churches ministering to the hurting close at hand. We have two compassionate ministries centers–North Little Rock Friendly Chapel (Pastor Paul Holderfield) and Benton (Pastor Brady Lane). Work and Witness teams from South Arkansas have gone to all parts of the globe.

We are a CHRISTIAN people, embracing the historic, biblical faith. We are a HOLINESS people, lifting up the satisfaction of the Spirit-filled and Spirit-led life. We are a MISSIONAL people, proclaiming Christ to the nations in over 150 world areas.


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